April 11

Facts about Middle School

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. OMG MIDDLE SCHOOL. 8TH GRADERS. Not true. A lot of people coming in to middle school think it’s gonna be scary. To be honest I was too. But, it’s not scary, really at all. So anyway, these are 5 facts about middle school.

  1. You get so much freedom it’s amazing
  2. Most likely you won’t have to deal with 8th graders. Sometimes you will. But usually  you won’t
  3. Kids are a lot meaner, but you will learn to ignore it.
  4. Teachers will be strict and mean. So, my advice is… don’t get into trouble.
  5. Last but not least…..Drumroll… Homework. I know what you’re thinking, and I know that your face is probably like 🙁 🙁 :(. If you don’t waste your time and don’t play arpund during class you won’t have a lot of homework.

So anyway that is it for my 5 facts about middle school. I hope this helped some the 5th graders out there who might stumble across this post, so have a good day 🙂

May 28

Top 10 facts about me

1: My favorite NFL team is the Patriots

2:I am eating cookie cake right now

3: My favorite food is cheeseburgers

4: My favorite hockey team are the Chicago Blackhawks

5:My favorite basketball team is the Cavaliers

6: My favorite baseball team are the Yankees

7:My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid

8:I love sports

9: I love to sing

10:My favorite subject is Science

May 28

First week of summer

This has been an amazing week of  summer. First, I went to the pool. Next, I had a neighborhood water gun fight with all my friends. Finally, I went to basketball tryouts for middle school. That was my awesome week of school.

May 18

Top 10 Events of the Year

1:Teachers vs. students b-ball game. I played but we lost by 1.

2: Movies. We didnt get to finish them

3: Skyping.

4: Coupon books. We won best in the school.

5:Lucas bands

6:Haunted house

7:Track and field

8: Karm field trip

9: Tuckaleechee caverns field trip

10:3 weeks of outside lunch


That was my top 10 list of events of the year

May 18

Week 36

File May 18, 8 24 12 AMThis has been an amazing last week of 5th grade. First, we had field day! I got 2 first place ribbons! Next, we had our award show. I won the award for Tech. Next, we packed to help Mr. Haney move to his 3rd grade room. Next, we raised over 23,000 for lucas bands. Next, we had ur class party. Finally, we ate broccoli from our garden. This has been a very awesome last week of school. Im so sad ): but, I will still be posting in Middle School! Anyway, so this has been an awesome year.